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By Gavin D. Smith

If you have ever aspired to firing up your very own pot still,
this book will guide you through the whole process from acquiring the necessary skills, advising on what equipment is required, right through to the various routes to market.

  • Where to find the relevant skills

  • Raising the finance and locating the right premises

  • Sourcing the correct equipment

  • Detailed case studies of those who have started their own microdistilleries, illustrating many of the problems and solutions they encountered along the way

  • Directory of services and suppliers

  • HMRC regulations and requirements

Sixth Edition by Tim Hampson

Tim Hampson leading beer author, guides you through all the practicalities of starting up your own microbrewery; everything from how to brew right through to finding a place of your own.


  • Chapter 1: How to Brew

  • Chapter 2: Where to Brew

  • Chapter 3: Planning Your Finances

  • Chapter 4: Equipping Your Brewery

  • Chapter 5: What to Brew

  • Chapter 6: Selling Draught Beer

  • Chapter 7: Selling Packaged Beer

  • Chapter 7: A Place of Your Own

  • Directory of Services and Supplies

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